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THE A.N. STERLINGS have been made to provide new kind of events with new ideas and concepts. The list of services that can be provided by an THE A.N. STERLINGS encompasses everything that can be imagined relating to an event. Event management is probably the activity most popularly associated with the events industry. Suppliers of this important service provide a one stop shop for companies and individuals wishing to hold an event or party. THE A.N. STERLINGS have a wealth of contacts supplying of all types of services relating to the events industry and take on the responsibility of coordinating all the logistics involved in making the event work to the client’s satisfaction. This basically involves doing all the running around, booking the venue, arranging the catering and entertainment as well as all other ancillary services necessary to make the event run to the client’s complete satisfaction. They will also be in attendance at the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to plan. When organising corporate events, the event manager will generally liaise with company’s PAs, Human Resources and Marketing departments, depending on the type of corporate event that is to take place. For an event being organised within the company, such as a staff Christmas party, the event management company would normally be contacted by a PA or member of the company’s Human Resources department. For external corporate events such as product launches, the event managers would more likely be contacted by the marketing department of the company holding the event. THE A.N. STERLINGS managers also organise private parties for individuals such as birthday parties, anniversaries and wedding. The type of individuals who contact event management companies are usually wealthy people seeking a company who can take away all the hassle of organising a party. Such individuals have the resources necessary to afford the service provided and are happy to do so in the knowledge that the imagination and logistics coordination that event managers provide ensures that the event will be a memorable experience. As the event manager coordinates all the logistics involved in putting on an event, they will be incur considerable expenses in addition to their fee for doing so. The industry standard is to charge the client in advance of the event. Up front fee schedules vary from company to company but it is not uncommon for the client to be charged 10% upon booking confirmation, 50% two months prior to the event with the balance 40% payable a month before the event actually taking place. The reason for this up-front payment system is that suppliers whose services that they utilise usually require to be paid in advance. Whilst some companies and individuals employing the services of an event management company may find this prior payment system unusual it is no more unusual than employing the services of a package holiday company who will charge for their services in the same manner and for the same reason.

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